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Allstar1 Fundraising Healthy Snacks Allstar1 Fundraising Gourmet Snacks
Healthy Snacks
(13 Nutritious Treats)
Gourmet Snacks
(13 Delectable Tidbits)
Allstar1 Fundraising Gourmet Spice Grinders
Gourmet Spice Grinders
(7 Savory Seasonings)
Allstar1 Fundraising Gourmet Caramel Popcorn Allstar1 Fundraising Gourmet Pizzas
Gourmet Caramel Popcorn
(4 Irresistible Selections)
Gourmet 12" Pizzas
(5 Unbeatable Varieties)
Allstar1 Fundraising Rosedale Cottage Candles
RoseDale Cottage Candles
(10 Excellent Essences)
Allstar1 Fundraising Baker Jo's Cookie Dough Allstar 1 Fundraising Mini Pizza & Cookie Dough
Baker Jo's Cookie Dough
(8 'Mouth-Watering' Delicacies)
Mini Pizzas & Cookie Dough
(4 Pizza/5 Cookie Dough Choices)

Since 1985, from Oklahoma City, done fundraisers
in all 48 states! No up-front money,
FREE Delivery to all 48 states!
FREE fundraising sample packets and
FREE full-color order forms and brochures!


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Greater Oklahoma City
Chamber of Commerce

All Star 1 Fund Raising (dba of) All Star 1.com, Inc.
1617 Greenbriar Place, Suite B – POB 890180
Oklahoma City, OK 73189

Local: (405) 692-0550 – Toll Free (800) 642-4766
newsales@allstar1.com – www.allstar1.com

Dale and Billie Smith, owners

Please note: Pricing and profit, from time to time, is subject to change. Upon request, we will always furnish you current information. Also, when you receive your fundraising information packet, current pricing and profit will be included your packet.

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