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About All Star 1 Fund Raising

Billie Smith, my wife, and I . . . started our family fundraising business here in Oklahoma City in 1985, with just one fundraiser. Without the internet and a website, for the first 14 years, by word of mouth; we spread into 16 states. -- In 1998, 18 years ago, All Star 1 Fund Raising . . . launched  its first website . . . www.allstar1.com . . . and, the rest is history. Since that time, we have done fundraisers in all 48 contiguous states!!!

All Star 1 Fund Raising’s mission is to serve ‘you’ our fundraising groups and organizations, whether it be schools, churches, youth groups, youth sports, sports or athletic departments, clubs and associations or teams and leagues . . . as well as cheerleaders, bands, booster clubs, PTOs, PTAs, PTSAs and FFAs . . . with the very best products, service, value, expertise, information and profit margin percentage . . . available in the product fundraising industry today . . . to position ‘you’ to have the most successful fundraiser ever!!! -- And now, for over 31 years, we have ‘left no stones unturned’ to accomplished this great mission!


All Star 1 will work with any size group . . . and in any size town or city, large or small!!! -- We have, over the years; had small groups do proportionately as well as large groups. -- Just recently, we did, for the 6th straight year, a fundraiser with about 250 5th Graders in an Intermediate School in Deer Creek, just north of Oklahoma City. -- These 5th graders had incredible success. -- They sold over $58,575.00 worth of product and made over $30,459.00 profit!!!

Just recently, we updated www.allstar1.com by making it a completely new site!!! -- We sincerely hope ‘you’ find it as beautiful and as easy to ‘get around on’ as we have! -- It was certainly designed for ‘you’, our customers and prospects, with that in mind!!!

Assuring ‘you’, that Billie and I are excited at the prospect of either doing another fundraiser with you . . . or, your very first one . . .

We are deeply appreciative,

Dale Smith and Billie Smith, Owners
All Star 1.com, Inc. (dba) All Star 1 Fund Raising
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

billiesmith@allstar1.com www.allstar1.com
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Since 1985 from Oklahoma City, OK done Fundraisers in All 48 States!
Up to 60% Profit! Free Incentives and Prizes!
Free Shipping to All 48 States! No Up-Front Cost!
Free Presorting/Prepackaging per Individual’s Order!
Free Catalogs, Order Takers, Brochures and Order Forms!

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All Star 1 Fund Raising does fundraising with any size group
in any size Town or City . . . LARGE or SMALL!!!

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