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‘Delisheries’ was started in 1997 in the small town of Cape Charles, VA, by Deborah Marshall and her son, Chris Marshall.  All ‘Delisheries’ Mixes were concocted by Deborah Marshall, mother of six, an avid gourmet cook; and the founder of a non-profit bakery that employs people with disabilities. The success of ‘Delisheries’ was a culmination of efforts by many members of the Marshall family and the local community. 

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‘Delisheries’ Baking Mixes are all-natural, peanut free, and contain the finest ingredients. Their dry baking mixes have won several awards including ‘Superior Product Award Winner’ from Food Distribution Magazine. -- You cannot beat their Cookie, Chocolate Brownie and Funnel Cake Mixes. -- All a customer has to do when preparing these mixes, is add real butter and eggs, which greatly compliment these unbelievably fantastic tasting fundraising products!

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In 2003, ‘Delisheries’ was purchased by Clabber Girl Corp. ‘Clabber Girl’ is one of the oldest national brands in the USA and has been producing baking powder and other quality food products for over 150 years. ‘Clabber Girl’, was also the 1st peanut-free facility established in the USA.

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In 2014, Best Play Solutions’ began producing and distributing Delisheries wonderful products and continues the same today. - Best Play Solutions manufactures Cookie Dough, (tub and preformed, pre-portioned) made with real butter & real eggs . . . also, most delicious Cheesecakes, and some of the most tasty Pizza you will ever eat . . . as well as other quality products for the fundraising industry. -- They also are master distributors for Auntie Anne's®, Cinnabon®, Oreo®, Zap-A-Snack® and Klements®, national fundraising brands.

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Best Play is located in Altoona, WI, and also has a distribution center Kansas City, MO. -- All Star 1 Fund Raising is thrilled to have a supplier and manufacturer like ‘Best Play Solutions’ who puts into ‘play’ great fundraising products that are winners!

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Mike Ross is President of Best Play Solutions, Charli Vinopal is Office Manager and Chris Marshall is All Star 1’s Sale’s Rep. -- It is wonderful doing business with Mike, Charli and Chris!

Dale Smith and Billie Smith, Owners
All Star 1.com, Inc. (dba) All Star 1 Fund Raising
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

billiesmith@allstar1.com www.allstar1.com
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