RoseDale Cottage Candles

Candle Fundraising at its best for Church Youth, Choir, Sunday
School Classes, Women's
or Ladies' Ministry Groups, Summer
Youth Camps, Mission Trips
and Church Building Programs and
Funds! . . . These highly scented and beautiful candles are also great
for Church Schools!

All Star 1 Fund Raising's RoseDale Cottage Candles is also a perfect
fundraiser for Firemen, Fire departments, College, Fraternity and
Sorority Members! - Also, our candles are great for Holiday and
Christmas Fundraisers!

The Birth of the ‘RoseDale’ . . .

The amazing birth of our candles happened while on a vacation
to North Carolina a few years ago. While touring and considering
a couple of candle companies for manufacturing our candles,
Angela Rose,
our daughter, and her husband, Kyndall Hadlock,
a major in the Oklahoma City Fire Department, decided
they wanted to manufacture and hand-pour our candles. The
rest is history . . . they became the creators of our fundraiser line of
RoseDale Cottage Candles. This truly is a candle by a fireman
or firefighter
for firemen or firefighters!!!

The decision for a name for our candles came from Angela. Billie
my wife, and I, Dale Smith, have been in the fundraising
business here in Oklahoma City since 1985 and are owners of All Star
1 Fund Raising.
Our middle names and the middle names of our 3
children are either Rose or Dale. Our names respectively, are: Billie
Rose, Woodrow Dale, Angela Rose, Stephanie Dale, and Woodrow
Dale, II (Dub). Thus, the trade name for our candle fundraiser
became RoseDale Cottage Candles.


Our candles are highly fragrant and double-scented thoroughly
from top to bottom! Everything from their rich colors to their white
lids and their white and gold labels make them outstanding décor
that will enhance any setting that you need to decorate.

RoseDale Cottage Candles for fundraisers are indeed, ‘The
Essence of Excellence’!!! . . .
Coming in 10 excitingly beautiful
and delightful fragrant colors and fragrances that make for an
easy and no-hassle, 'self-selling' fundraiser . . .

Since 1985, from Oklahoma City, done fundraisers
in all 48 states! No up-front money,
FREE Delivery to all 48 states!
FREE fundraising sample packets and
FREE full-color order forms and brochures!


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Dale and Billie Smith, owners

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