Best, Easy, Fast, Caramel Corn Fundraiser . . .

You may look the world over and not find Caramel Popcorn Fundraisers that will compare with All Star 1's!

Included in this fundraiser are (4) varieties (with and without) nuts . . . including pecans, cashews, almonds, peanuts and macadamia nuts which make for an 'easy-to-do' fundraiser!

All Star 1's Caramel Popcorn is a fun and quick fundraiser and is also a sports fundraising idea for school athletic departments, baseball, football, softball, basketball, and hockey teams
and leagues!

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If you are looking for 'the ultimate' or 'the unique' in gourmet snacks or food products . . . you will certainly find it in our caramel popcorn . . . for, in the midst of these nuts filled with health and nutrition, is a product that makes our caramel corn a 'no-trans-fat' fundraiser without trans-fats or margarine! . . . This wonderful food product is 'real butter', which adds incredible richness of flavor to this wonderful fundraiser!!! Included in these 4 caramel corn varieties is our Number 1 Seller:

'Hokey Pokey' (made with almonds, cashews and pecans) . . .


Hokey Pokey
A gourmet caramel corn with Cashews, Almonds and
It's made with real butter - second to none!

Size: 7-oz. Bag / 6.5" x 12"

Mowy Wowy
A gourmet caramel corn as good as the Hokey
Pokey. Made with Macadamia Nuts - a tropical

Size: 8-oz. Bag / 6.5" x 12"

Pee Bee Gee Bee
For caramel corn ‘Peanut Lovers’! Made with peanuts and
real butter . . . the best in the land!

Size: 7-oz. Bag / 6.5" x 12"

No Nutty
Made with all the above wonderful, ‘mouth-
watering’ ingredients, except . . . there are NO
NUTS! For all you wonderful folks who can't
handle nuts!

Size: 7-oz. Bag / 6.5" x 12"

If you are anticipating a that will be greatly rewarding, highly
productive, competitive & successful
. . . a smart tip, resource
or profitable solution or option for your activity; then,

All Star 1 Fund Raising's Gourmet Caramel Popcorn
is the one fantastic choice
that will help your meet your fundraising goal!
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