Fundraisers with Products, Fundraiser Ideas,
Programs and Plans for Fundraising . . .

All Star 1 Fund Raising . . . as a fundraiser provider and vendor,
incorporates into its fundraising program . . . fundraisers with
excellent ideas and products and also, fundraisers that are
unique items and choices!!! . . . Each of these (8) fundraisers has
a powerful & positive impact upon those looking for an
outstanding fundraiser!

All Star 1 Fund Raising, in its marketing strategy, anticipates those
looking for incredible fundraising ideas are interested in
fundraisers that are rewarding, that have excellent product
quality, excellent service, excellent value, excellent profit
margin and ultimately, a proven track record! . . . The base our
customers have provided us is proof of such!!!

Since 1985, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we have done
fundraisers in all 48 states! In addition to this . . . we offer up to
60% profit and up to $7.80 profit per item . . . (SOMETHING

The retail price of our fundraisers has a price range of $5.00 to
$13.00! . . . This is the very best price range in the business . . . .
makes for easy fundraising!!! . . . On our $5.00 items, a group can
make up to $3.00 or 6 times the sale of a $1.00 fundraiser such
candy, a chocolate candy bar or a bag of fundraising snacks,
healthy snacks
or gourmet snacks . . . also, our $6.00, $8.00,
and $13.00 items are much easier to sell than products
that range in price from $14.00 to $35.00!!!

Don’t settle for less than 60% Profit!!! . . .
with our 8 Great Fundraisers . . .You can
have the following success:

All Star 1 Fund Raising has (8) incomparable fundraising ideas
that translate into unbeatable fundraiser products, fundraising
selections and choices for fundraisers . . . these fundraising
are . . .

  1. (13) HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS SNACKS . . . Each bag of these snacks is
    filled with the freshest and most delicious snacks you’ve ever eaten!!! They are
    healthy snacks with a wide variety of nuts and dried fruit . . . there is also
    caramel corn with cashews, almonds and pecans and there is an assortment
    of ‘fat-free’ candy!!!
    These fundraisers are filled with health and nutrition!!!
  2. (13) GOURMET SNACKS WITH CANDY . . . Everything you would want in a
    fundraiser snack is in this delicious assortment of fundraising snacks . . .
    popcorn with a gourmet flare . . . caramel popcorn or caramel corn made
    with real butter . . . (with and without) healthy, nutritious fundraising
    (cashews, almonds, macadamia nuts and pecans) . . . Butter Toffee
    Peanuts, Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Malted Milk Balls
    (double coated with
    chocolate) . . . Gummy Bears, Neon Sour Worms and Fruit Slices . . . also,
    included in these gourmet fundraising snacks are (5) healthy fundraisers
    filled with health and nutrition . . . Backwoods Trail Mix, Cajun Cracker
    Mix, Taste of the Tropics, Mixed Nuts
    and Roasted Cashews!!! . . . Some of
    the very best snacks
    for fundraisers in the fundraising industry!!! ($5.00-
  3. ROSEDALE COTTAGE CANDLES . . . Our (10) fundraising candles are highly
    and double-scented, from top to bottom! . . . Their rich colors
    make them beautiful décor that will enhance any setting! . . . Popular size
    for fundraising . . . easily handled by students . . . everything from the white
    lids to the white and gold labels, simply, make them incomparable elegance!
    They are truly . . . ‘The Essence of Excellence’! ($12.00-seller)
    (4) wonderful fundraising varieties.  Each variety is color-coded and
    identified by outstanding ‘fun’ characters that make for an easy, fast or
    quick and attractive fundraiser for children and students of all ages . . . also,
    a great fundraiser for the workplace. (Sells easily on the job)! . . . Our
    irresistible gourmet caramel corn is heat-resistant and will not melt like
    chocolate candy! 
    Each bag comes in a different brilliant color.  The bag size
    is 6½” X 12”.  The weight of each bag is 7-8 ozs. . . . ALLSTAR 1’s (4)
    • HOKEY POKEY . . . a gourmet caramel corn with cashews, almonds
      and pecans.  It’s made with real butter – second to none!
    • MOWY WOWY . . . a gourmet caramel corn as good as Hokey Pokey.
      Made with macadamia nuts, - a tropical paradise fundraiser!
    • PEE BEE GEE BEE . . . for caramel corn ‘peanut lovers’!  Made with
      peanuts and real butter . . . Best Peanut Caramel Popcorn or Caramel
      Corn Fundraiser in the Land!
    • NO NUTTY . . . Made with all the above, ‘mouth-watering’ ingredients,
      except . . . there are no nuts!  Unbeatable caramel corn fundraiser
      without nuts! ($6.00-seller)
  5. GOURMET SPICE GRINDERS . . . All Star 1’s Spice Grinders are an excellent
    line of fundraiser spices, flavorings, fundraising seasonings and herbs for
    the preparation of meats, foods, dishes, and cuisines for smoking, grilling,
    barbecuing, baking, cooking, broiling, marinating and sautéing! . . . There
    are (7) Spices or Seasonings: Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Cinnamon and Sugar,
    Seasoned Salt, Hot and Spicy, Garlic Salt and Mixed Pepper!
  6. BAKER JO’S COOKIE DOUGH . . . As extraordinary Fundraising Ideas go,
    our cookie dough fundraiser
    beats the competition in several distinguishable
    fundraising areas . . . #1 in taste and aroma! . . . Each tub has a tight-fitting
    lid with a tamper-proof seal beneath . . . made with pasteurized eggs to aid
    in the prevention of salmonella. . . makes 96 (½-oz.) cookies,
    approximately inches . . . will last 3 months in refrigerator and 6
    months in freezer . . . ‘easy-to-bake’ fundraising
    and a ‘ready-to-bake’
    fundraiser!!! . . .
      You’re in for a ‘most-delectable’ encounter! . . . For the
    Jewish or Hebrew Community . . . is also Kosher! ($13.00-seller)
  7. ALL STAR 1 PIZZAS . . . Our very own delightfully delicious, 12-inch gourmet
    U.S.D.A. Pizzas!  Cosmetically, the most beautiful . . . also, the ‘most
    tasty’!!! No kits . . . nothing to assemble . . . ‘ready-to-bake’ and pop in
    the oven . . . made from the highest quality ingredients available! . . . Our
    crust receives the most compliments . . . our sauce is custom-made, (Dale’s
    very own recipe) . . . ‘Best Sauce in the Land’ . . . Addictive! . . .
    Our sauce, tomato & cheese manufacturers are all, featured each, in full-
    page ads in America’s #1 Pizza Magazine:  ‘Pizza Today’! . . . Our mild
    Italian sausage crumble is unbeatable and our colorful, zesty Pepperoni is
    'gusto' and cannot be topped! The best pizza fundraiser you will ever do!!!
    watering’, 6-inch mini fundraising pizzas, personal fundraiser pizzas or
    individual pizzas for pizza fundraisers come in (4) varieties with (5)
    pizzas to each pack: A ‘5-pack’ of   cheese, a ‘5-pack’ of sausage, a ‘5-
    pack’ of pepperoni and a ‘5-pack’ of supreme pizzas.  You will also love,
    crave and enjoy the succulent 3-lb. tubs of cookie dough which come in
    (5) varieties: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar and
    Snicker Doodle! . . . also, ALL the pizzas and cookie dough are made from
    scratch with secret and incredible recipes!!! . . . A FUNDRAISER THAT YOU
    WON’T SOON FORGET!!! ($13.00–seller)

Finally . . . the variety and durability of our Incomparable
Fundraising Ideas
make them unique fundraising choices! . . . All
(8) of them can be done ‘year-round’ by following our adequate
and reasonable instructions! . . . Our Cookie Dough and Pizza fundraisers are shipped frozen and our fundraising Candles,
Candy fundraisers, Caramel Popcorn or Caramel Corn, Spice
Grinders, Healthy Snacks and Gourmet Snack fundraisers are
shipped UPS!!! . . . We pay all the freight and shipping charges!
. . . The Candles, Caramel Corn, Spice Grinders
and Snacks are
heat-resistant and will not melt like chocolate candy! (chocolate
candy melts at 80ºF)

All Star 1’s Fundraisers are ‘high-quality’ fundraisers,
‘high-profit’ fundraisers
and ‘easy-to-do’ Fundraising Ideas! . . .

'Win with All Star 1 Fund Raising . . .
The Winner in Fundraising’!!!

Since 1985, from Oklahoma City, done fundraisers
in all 48 states! No up-front money,
FREE Delivery to all 48 states!
FREE fundraising sample packets and
FREE full-color order forms and brochures!


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