All Star 1 Fund Raising is nutty about health and nutrition . . .
about fundraising with healthy snacks, nuts and foods that are
safe body-builders!

All Star 1's Snacks are nutritious for preschool, kindergarten,
elementary, middle, junior high, high school,
. . . also great for
Private, Parochial, Orthodox, Catholic Schools and Academies!

Appearing below are pictures of All Star 1’s
(13) Healthy Snacks, Candy, Treats, Nuts,
Fruit and Popcorn with their ingredient listings!!!

Great for you ! ! !
$5.00 / bag

Sesame Treat, Item 214, 8-ozs.
Sesame sticks, blanched peanuts, redskin
peanuts, cashews and almonds - a
delicious, healthy, nutritious snack!
Gorp Trail Mix, Item 216, 7-ozs.
A great tasting, nutritious mixture of
everything you love – fruit, nuts and
Roasted & Salted Peanuts, Item 218,
8-ozs. - Jumbo blanched Virginia Peanuts
– roasted and salted to perfection!
Roasted Cashews, Item 209, 5-ozs.
Tasty cashews, roasted and salty - a
delicious, healthy snack!
Oriental Cheddar Mix, Item 215, 8-ozs.
We blended together spicy rice crackers,
salted peanuts and zesty cheddar cheese
Cajun Cracker Mix, Item 201, 8-ozs.
A snappy mixture of spicy peanuts, Cajun
corn sticks, Brazil nuts, cashews, poppy
and onion sesame sticks, cheddar sticks,
taco sesame sticks, and pecans – A little
spicy and lip smacking good!
Taste of the Tropics, Item 202, 9-ozs.
A trail mix treat filled with healthy flavors
of tropical dried fruits (pineapple, papaya,
dates, coconut, banana chips) and
almonds, walnuts and pecan – nutrition at
it’s best for your ultimate health!
Happy Snack Mix, Item 221, 6-ozs.
Tasty Treats, cheddar cheese crackers,
pretzels and honey roasted sesame sticks
– a delectable snack!
Student Mix, Item 220, 9-ozs.
Protein-packed lunch box or afternoon
snack with roasted peanuts, cashews,
pumpkin seeds, almonds and raisins –
filled with health and nutrition!
Old Fashion Black Licorice, Item 219,
8-ozs. - Soft, fresh and flavorful – a great
fat-free treat!
Cherry Red Licorice, Item 217, 8-ozs.
Soft, fresh and flavorful – a great fat-free
treat everyone likes!
Natural Snacks, Item 222, 7-ozs.
Lots of things your body needs and loves
– sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds,
soybeans and peanuts – perfect nutrition
for your health!
Hokey Pokey, Item 204, 6-ozs.
Gourmet Caramel Corn with cashews,
almonds and pecans - made with real
butter – second to none – a succulent
treat that is the very best!

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