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Located in Newton, Wisconsin, Pine River® . . . successor of part of a great venture originally started by the family fore-runner, patriarch and pioneer, Herman Lindemann in 1870, on 155 acres of pristine woodland in the Wisconsin countryside . . . and now, backed by 4 Lindemann Generations of experience . . . Pine River® has been making award-winning cheese spreads and confections since 1963.

Their incomparable Gourmet Snacks, Nuts, Cookies, Chocolates, Cheese Spreads and Summer Sausages are irresistible products. Their delectable CHEESES have won many National & International Awards over the years . . . and, their succulent gourmet CHOCOLATES have won 15 Seal of Excellence Awards at the Wisconsin State Fair!!!

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At the 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, WI, a total dedication  to excellence helped  win Pine River’s cold pack cheese . . . the top three places in its category.

Pine River’s award winning success is nothing new and it has now captured Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals at the past two World Championship Cheese Contests. -- It has also won Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals at the United States Championship Cheese Contest . . . and also, numerous Blue Ribbons at the Wisconsin State Fair Cheese and Butter Contest . . . as well as the prestigious Wisconsin Grand Master Cheese Award.

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You absolutely cannot beat any of their great fundraising products . . . and in particular, their Gourmet Cheese Spreads, Summer Sausages and Chocolates are the very best that money can buy!!!

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Philip A. Lindemann, Jr., is the President and CEO of Pine River®
Pre-Pak, Inc. . . . and Mary Lindemann, is it’s Marketing Director. They, along with their entire staff, are great to do business with! Their products, service, efficiency, excellence and turn-around time in filling an order . . . are all unsurpassed!

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The above, are some of the incredible reasons why All Star 1 Fund Raising, based in Oklahoma City, OK, since 1985 for over 31 years; after having done fundraisers in all 48 contiguous states . . . is extremely proud to be a national distributor of Pine River’s wonderful fundraising products!

Dale Smith and Billie Smith, Owners
All Star 1.com, Inc. (dba) All Star 1 Fund Raising
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

billiesmith@allstar1.com www.allstar1.com
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