Pizza fundraising with ‘big-time’ gusto!!! . . . When Billie Smith and I, Dale Smith, began our fundraising business here in Oklahoma City in 1985, our Pizza Makers Gourmet Pizza was our only product . . . as a ‘land-based’ business . . . got us into 16 states our first 14 years!

Because of it’s value, beauty, deliciousness, ‘edge-to-edge’generous ingredients and the high profit fundraising success our groups and organizations experienced, it was not necessary for us to use ‘high-powered’ advertising . . . as a fundraiser, these pizzas actually 'sold themselves' as the result of our customers loving them and recommending them to other groups.

This pizza fundraiser has been our foundation and the standard by which we now judge all our products. In 1999, All Star 1 Fund Raising got on the internet . . . the rest is history - we now have (8) incredibly successful fundraising ideas, products, items and choices and have done fundraisers in all 48 of the contiguous states. It all started with our wonderful 12-inch gourmet pizza!!!

All Star 1's Gourmet Pizza is a great fundraiser for Soccer Teams and Clubs. -- Over the years we gave done fundraisers with several entire Soccer Associations!

7 Excellent Reasons for choosing All Star 1’s Gourmet
Fundraising Pizza for Your Next Fundraiser!!! . . .

(1) Our very own delightfully delicious, 12” gourmet USDA pizzas are
made with REAL CHEESE and generous toppings (edge to edge) . . .
ready-to-bake and pop in the oven . . . no kits, nothing to assemble. Also,
each of the 5 varieties of our pizzas are made by hand and not
on an automated assembly line . . . with uniform patterns . . . not just
thrown together and piled high in the center . . . but, with just as much
product on the edge as in the center of the pizza!!! Cosmetically, the
most beautiful pizza your will ever see . . . and, the very best pizza
fundraiser you will ever do!!! . . . Dismiss out of your mind, forever, that
this is just another fundraising pizza . . . for, our gourmet pizzas can
easily be compared with those prepared in ‘top-of-the-line’ pizzerias!!!

There are (5) varieties: CHEESE, SAUSAGE, PEPPERONI, (31 slices
per pepperoni pizza), COMBO (sausage and pepperoni) and our
SUPREME (sausage, pepperoni, black olives, and fresh diced green
bell pepper)!!!

(2) OUR CRUST . . . A medium crust that bakes out slightly brown and
crispy . . . of all our products, receives the most compliments!!!

(3) OUR SAUCE . . . Made with Dale’s very own ‘PALATABLE and
DELECTABLE RECIPE’ (a wonderful blend of sauce, Italian spices and
100%, fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes) . . . over 5 ounces per
pizza . . . best sauce in the land . . . ADDICTIVE!!!

(4) OUR CHEESE . . . A premium line of real cheese that is a reduced
fat, ‘part-skimmed’ mozzarella cheese which is much lower in fat than
‘whole-milk’ cheese . . . further still, is a ‘QLC’ cheese (Quality Locked)
which upon processing is frozen immediately to lock in the freshness . . .
WHAT A DEAL . . . you get over 5 ounces of cheese per 12” fundraising
pizza without sacrificing richness of flavor!!!

(5) OUR SAUSAGE CRUMBLE and PEPPERONI . . . Our sausage
is ‘mild-Italian’ and made by one of the top pizza meat topping
processors specializing in authentic flavor! . . . Our pepperoni is the
finest and most delicious we’ve ever used. For years we used pepperoni
processed by the #1 pepperoni processor . . . then, we discovered a
wonderful pepperoni processed by a small plant with some 60 employees,
authentically, Italian! . . . It is tastier, less greasy and more colorful! We
put 31 slices on our ‘zesty’, ‘gusto’ pepperoni pizza and 19 slices each
on our Combo and Supreme pizzas!!!

1985, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, done fundraisers on 108ºF July
days in New Mexico and Oklahoma. By following our reasonable
instructions, our groups deliver pizza to their customers, insulated in our
boxes, in their air-conditioned vehicles! . . . A WONDERFUL
to a fundraising market that has been 'glutted' with
chocolate candy . . . chocolate melts at 80ºF!!!

(7) You cannot beat the ‘unbeatable combination’ or our excellent
pizzas . . . excellent service . . . excellent profit margin and
excellent value . . .

  • EXCELLENT PIZZA INGREDIENTS . . . Our sauce and tomato
    processor has been featured in full page ads in America’s #1 pizza
    magazine: ‘PIZZA TODAY’!!!! . . . and, for years, our national
    'full-line' pizza distributor and cheese processor have also been respectively,
    featured in full page ads on the front cover, inside cover and back
    cover of the same magazine.
    As we mentioned earlier, you just simply
    cannot beat the ingredients for our pizza: cheese, sausage, pepperoni,
    crust, tomatoes, spices (with Romano cheese) and pizza sauce!!!

Since 1985, from Oklahoma City, done fundraisers
in all 48 states! No up-front money,
FREE Delivery to all 48 states!
FREE fundraising sample packets and
FREE full-color order forms and brochures!


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