All Star 1 Fund Raising's Cookie Dough and Pizza Fundraiser is excellent for . . . Childcare, Day, Charter, Home and Nursery Schools! . . . These two great products are also wonderful for Parent Athletic and Music Boosters, Junior and Senior Classes, Prom and Student Councils!

At ALL STAR 1 FUND RAISNG, we have bundled together two of the most popular fundraisers in a ‘bundle’: a 5-pack of personal, individual or mini pizzas and a 3-lb. tub of cookie dough!!! This Stars & Stripes Pizza and Cookie Dough Fundraiser is one
of the best!

The PIZZA comes in 4 varieties with each 5-pack of pizzas having
the same toppings . . . a 5-pack of cheese, a 5-pack of sausage,
a 5-pack of pepperoni and a 5-pack of supreme (sausage,
pepperoni, black olives and fresh diced bell pepper).

Each of these delicious, mini pizzas, personal pizzas or individual pizzas
is USDA approved, made with real cheese, approximately 6 inches
in diameter and made from ‘scratch’! The crust & sauce are made
from wonderful, secret recipes. Our pizzas are frozen within seconds
after being assembled to lock in the freshness. Each 5-pack, regardless
of variety, sells for $13.00 each.

This COOKIE DOUGH comes in 5 varieties: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter,
Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar & Snicker Doodle . . . 5 of the most popular
in cookie dough fundraising. Each tub is filled with 3 pounds
of delicious, ‘mouth-watering’ cookie dough. Each lid has a tight protective
and each tub makes (96) ½-ounce cookies and will last 3 months in refrigerator or 6 months in freezer. Each 3-lb. tub, regardless of variety, sells for $13.00 each.

‘FUNDRAISING SIMPLICITY’ . . . is an integral part of All Star 1 Fund
Raising’s successful fundraising philosophy . . . Having few items or
varieties in a fundraiser makes it much more manageable and rewarding on
delivery day . . . the fewer the items – the less the hassle. Therefore, our
full-color order form is designed for selling a combination of 5 varieties of
cookie dough and 4 varieties of pizza – only 9 items! On the front of the
order forms are beautiful full-color graphics of the actual products.

‘FUNDRAISING BUNDLING’ . . . is another extremely essential part of
All Star 1 Fund Raising’s successful fundraising strategy! Because our
cookie dough & pizzas are bundled together on one order form for selling,
our customers may easily make up to 25% more profit as opposed to
selling only one of the products!. . . . So, we strongly encourage our
groups to sell both cookie dough & pizza, together.

If you are looking for a fundraiser that will be rewarding, successful &
profitable -
If you are searching for high profit opportunity that makes you
up to 60% PROFIT that pays the shipping charges to all 48 states . . .

Then, ALL STAR 1 FUND RAISING . . . with top selling fundraisers . . .
is perfect for all your needs!!!

Since 1985, from Oklahoma City, done fundraisers
in all 48 states! No up-front money,
FREE Delivery to all 48 states!
FREE fundraising sample packets and
FREE full-color order forms and brochures!


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