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School Team Cookie Dough

‘Team Dough’ Cookie Dough Fundraiser for the following
Schools Sports Colleges or Universities
in the following states . . .

Mississippi . . .

University of Mississippi or the Ole Miss Rebels
Mississippi State University Bulldogs

Louisiana . . .

Louisiana State University or the LSU Tigers

Arkansas . . .

University of Arkansas Razorbacks

Alabama . . .

University of Alabama Crimson Tide
Auburn University Tigers

Georgia . . .

University of Georgia Bulldogs

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Printed on each of the above University Cookie Dough Tubs are the Official Team Logo and Colors. - Each of the tubs is filled with 2.7 Lbs. of Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. - This Cookie Dough will last for 21 days at room temperature or 77˚F . . . and also can be refrozen. - Included in each of these brochures are other wonderful flavors or varieties of Crazy About Cookies Cookie Dough in Tubs and Pre-Portioned Pieces Preformed and ‘Ready to Bake’!

(Cookie Dough - $16.00 and $17.00 per Tub)

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The above fundraisers are great College Fundraisers for
Sororities and Fraternities as well as Junior High and
High School Athletic or Sports Departments.

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