All Star 1 Fund Raising's
Sitemap and Summary of Fundraisers

  • All Star 1 Fund Raising Home Page (Fundraisers for Large and
    Small Groups in Large Cities and Small Towns) with High Profit
    Margin for Grammar, Elementary School Fundraising!
  • Healthy Snacks and Candy Fundraisers (13) Choices of
    Nutritious Foods, Treats for School, Middle, High, Junior School
  • Gourmet Snacks and Chocolate Candy Fundraisers (13
    Selections) with Many Different Kinds of Nuts for Cheerleader, All
    Star Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Dance Fundraising!
  • RoseDale Cottage Candle Fundraising (10 Fragrances) for
    Firemen and Fire Departments - EMT and EMS - College, Sorority,
    Fraternity, School for Nurses, Policeman, Police Department, Rescue
    Personnel Fundraisers!
  • All Star 1 Caramel Popcorn Fundraiser with Hokey Pokey (4
    Varieties) of Real Gourmet Corn made with Real Butter, Almonds,
    Cashews, Pecans, Peanuts, Macadamia Nuts and without nuts for
    Preschool, Primary, Daycare, Nursery, Headstart Group Fundraisers!
  • Gourmet Spice Grinder Fundraising (7) Savory Seasonings and
    Spices for Spirit, Cheer, Soccer Team, League, Association, 4-H,
    FFA, PTA, PTO, Child, Kid, Easy, Quick, Fast, Simple Fundraiser!
  • Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraising (8 Kinds of Baker Jo's Cookie
    Dough for Ball, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Church,
    Private, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Kosher, Parochial, Home School,
    ROTC, Good Fundraisers!
  • Gourmet 12-Inch Pizza Fundraiser (5 Varieties) for School Band,
    Orchestra, Chorus, Church Choir, Cheerleaders, High School Junior
    Class, Prom, Student Council Fundraisers!
  • Cookie Dough and Pizza Fundraiser - Stars and Stripes Pizzas
    and Cookie Dough (5 Varieties of 3-Lb. Cookie Dough Tubs) and (4
    Varieties of 6-inch, Personal, Mini or Individual Pizza Packs) for
    Sports, Athletic, Parents, Band, Booster, Civic, Company Clubs,
    Employee Association Fundraising!
  • 60% Profit Fundraising Success Stories - Inspiration for High,
    Huge, 50%, 60% Profit Fundraising with Large Groups and Small
    Groups with Incredible Per Capita Averages even in Small Towns
    with Extremely Small Populations!
  • The Greatest Fundraising Incentive - High Profit Fundraisers with
    up to 60% Profit Margin! (700 Students selling an Average of
    (5) $13-Items Each at 60% Profit will Make $9,100.00 more
    than the Same at 40% Profit for a Total Profit of $27,300.00
    or $7.80 Profit Per Item)!!!
  • The Best Fundraising Ideas - Fundraiser Plans, Tip, Resources,
    Programs, Opportunities, Choices, Programs, Products, Items,
    Merchandise to include Snacks, Candy, Nuts, Candles, Popcorn,
    Spice Grinders, Cookie Dough, Pizza for Fundraisers!
  • About Us . . . The History of All Star 1 Fund Raising - An
    Oklahoma Fundraising Company with National Reach . . . from
    Oklahoma City done Fundraisers in 47 States!!! . . . All Our
    Fundraiser Products are 'Made in the USA by Americans'!!!
  • Nationwide Fundraiser Service - Located in the 'Heartland
    Region' in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma . . .
    where I-40, I-44 and
    I-35 all merge . . . All Star 1 Fund Raising is strategically
    positioned to serve - for fundraising - not only the state of
    Oklahoma - but also - Texas, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico,
    Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa
    and Nebraska - as well as the entire nation! Since 1985, we have
    done fundraisers in 47 of the 48 contiguous states!
  • Request Free Fundraising Information Packet or Kit - We
    provide FREE - Beautiful, Full-Color, Sample Order Forms and
    Brochures as well as A Winning Fundraising Strategy and
    Fundraiser Counseling!

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