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Popular Snack
Gourmet Snacks and other
Healthy Fundraisers
All Star 1 Fund Raising's Snacks are among the most delicious! These delectable and succulent snacks, foods, candies, fruit, caramel corn, trail mixes and nuts are just simply unbeatable!

This wonderful fundraiser is outstanding for Cheer Teams, All Star Cheerleading Competition, Spirit, Gymnastics, Irish Dancing and other Dance Organizations . . . and, is also ideal for FFA, DECCA, and
4-H Groups!

Appearing below are pictures of all 13 of these
incredibly delicious Gourmet Snacks with
their ingredient listings!!!

No Nuttty, Item 205, 7-ozs.
A gourmet Caramel Corn handmade with
pure creamy butter!
Butter Toffee Peanuts, Item 210, 10-ozs. - Toffee coated peanuts with a homemade flavor that comes only from real butter!
Hokey Pokey, Item 204, 6-ozs.
A gourmet caramel corn with cashews, almonds, and pecans – made with real
– second to none!
Gummy Bears, Item 206, 7-ozs.
Super soft and fresh – Teddy Bears
colorfully bursting with assorted fruit
flavors – kids and adults will love them!
Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Item 212, 7-
ozs. -
Peanuts double-dipped in milk
chocolate – a handful is just not enough!
Taste of the Tropics, Item 202, 9-ozs.
A healthy, nutritious trail mix treat filled
with delicious flavors of dried fruits and
nuts (raisins, pineapple, papaya, dates,
coconut, banana chips, almonds, walnuts
and pecans)!
Neon Sour Worms, Item 211, 7-ozs.
Super soft and fresh - neon colors with a
‘sweet-sour’ flavor – kids and adults will
love them!
Malted Milk Balls, Item 213, 7-ozs.
Double coated malted milk balls – a
chocolate lover’s dream!
Cajun Cracker Mix, Item 201, 8-ozs.
A snappy mixer of spicy crackers, Cajun
corn sticks, Brazils, pecans, cashews,
peanuts, poppy, onion, sesame, cheddar &
taco sesame sticks. Just right with a ‘tiny
spicy bite’!
Fruit Slices, Item 203, 14-ozs.
Giant mixed, soft and chewy fruit slices –
colorful and bursting with flavor!
Mixed Nuts, Item 208, 7-ozs.
We mixed cashews, almonds, Brazils,
peanuts and filberts – roasted and salted
them to make a perfect party snack!
Backwoods Trail Mix, Item 200, 10-ozs.
A delightfully succulent treat & snack filled
with nutrition and health – raisins,
sunflower seeds, Spanish peanuts, diced
dates and cashews! Whether hiking,
camping or relaxing in the woods this
healthy snack is sure to satisfy!
Roasted Cashews, Item 209, 5-ozs.
Cashews roasted and salted – nutrition
and healthy snacking at its best!

WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR to satisfy those insatiable
cravings? Great for ‘grown-ups’ and kids! . . . Even makes Hokey Pokey
happy! Just look at that ‘thumbs-up’ - that smile and that happy grin from
ear to ear . . . and look! . . . ole ‘Hoke’ is so excited about your assured
satisfaction of these unbeatable Gourmet Snacks and these
Healthy Snacks that the hair is standing straight up on his
little ole head! How marvelous!!!

THESE DELIGHTFUL CHOICES are the ‘craze of the day’! You get
health, nutrition, and the opportunity to indulge yourself with the ‘finer
food choices of life’
along with products with long shelf life, all
in a bundle of 13 irresistible choices! You don’t have to deal with
refrigerated, frozen or perishable foods such as cookie dough, pizza,
cheese cakes, pies, soft pretzels, burritos
and enchiladas! . . . On top of
this wonderful ‘fundraising cake’ is the 'icing': ‘YOUR’ HIGH or HUGE
You can make up to 6 times the sale of a $1.00
candy bar . . .
instead of making only $.50 per bar . . . You can make up
to $3.00 per bag!
Each bag of gourmet snacks, treats or candy
sells for only $5.00 – also, instead of making only 40% or
50% profit . . .

Your group or organization can enjoy up to 60% profit!!!
NOW! . . . I KNOW YOU’RE CONVINCED! . . . you’re ready to book a
fundraiser with All Star 1 Fund Raising . . . Pick up that phone and dial us
at 1-800-642-4766!

NOW! . . . You, then, will be as happy and thrilled as ole

Be careful, ‘Hoke’! . . . please don’t get too excited and ‘carried-away’
. . . Please sir, please . . . just HOLD THAT HAIR DOWN!!!

Since 1985, from Oklahoma City, done fundraisers
in all 48 states! No up-front money,
FREE Delivery to all 48 states!
FREE fundraising sample packets and
FREE full-color order forms and brochures!


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