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About Heritage Candles®

(An All Star 1 Fund Raising Manufacturer and/or Supplier
of Excellent Fundraisers)

Heritage Candles is an outstanding candle manufacturing company with a great reputation and incredible tract record for producing highly fragrant, long-burning candles that are equal to the very best candles in the candle fundraising industry . . . I mean, we’re talking about Hallmark® and Yankee®!!! -- These astoundingly beautiful candles burn and melt to the very edge of their jars and containers . . . and also make for strikingly impressive and ‘glowing’ décor!

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Heritage Candles’ goal is simple; to make the very best quality scented candles on the market today! -- Their upscale fragrances are impressive with strength and accuracy of fragrance. -- Operating in the USA since 1992 . . . all of our fundraising candles manufactured by Heritage are ‘Made in the USA’!!!

Heritage Candles provides consistently, uncompromising customer service . . . and, since they stock all of their products . . . they make sure to ship our fundraising customer’s orders quickly! -- Appreciation on the part of our fundraising groups and organizations for their efficient service and quality products result in happy and loyal customers . . . further resulting in our All Star 1 Fund Raising groups doing repeat fundraisers . . . the greatest compliment that could ever be paid any business!

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All Star 1 Fund Raising, having been in business here in Oklahoma City, OK, since 1985 for over 31 years . . . and having done fundraisers in all 48 contiguous states . . . ships free of charge from their Tucker, GA facility to you, our customers, nationwide!

Assuring you, our fundraising customers and prospects, that we are excited at the prospect of doing either, another fundraiser with you, or your very first one . . . we are . . .

Deeply appreciative . . .

Dale Smith and Billie Smith, Owners
All Star 1.com, Inc. (dba) All Star 1 Fund Raising
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

billiesmith@allstar1.com www.allstar1.com
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Since 1985 from Oklahoma City, OK done Fundraisers in All 48 States!
Up to 60% Profit! Free Incentives and Prizes!
Free Shipping to All 48 States! No Up-Front Cost!
Free Presorting/Prepackaging per Individual’s Order!
Free Catalogs, Order Takers, Brochures and Order Forms!

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All Star 1 Fund Raising does fundraising with any size group and any size Town or City . . . LARGE or SMALL!!!

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