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Have a 'Prime-Time Presentation’ . . . kickoff your fundraiser on a day and at a time when you can get the most possible members together for an inspiring, expectant challenge . . . firmly expect each member to sell a pre-determined number of items . . . 'don't hang loose' . . . transfer this firm expectancy to each member of the group so each will accept the responsibility of doing his/her fair share to make the fundraiser a success! -- A group or an organization will not reach its max potential or have great success without the ‘Prime-Time Presentation’.

AIM HIGH!!! . . . SET A GOAL!!! . . . Literally stretch your group!!! Also . . . to inspire your group to reach their goal, share with them the document: ‘All Star 1 Fund Raising’s Success Stories!’ -- This document will be in your FREE Sample Fundraising Information Packet or Kit when you receive it by US Mail! -- Next . . . tap their max potential . . . by genuinely inspiring and exciting them with . . .

All Star 1’s Incentives & Prizes: . . . 1 FREE Item or Prize for Every 10 Items sold by the Individual Member or Student! – Sell 30 Items: Choose 3 FREE Items from the particular Brochure/Catalog of the Fundraiser that you are doing! – Each Member or Student will be choosing from Items which sell from $6.00 to $16.00 . . . depending on the fundraiser that has been chosen. – (If the member who sells 30 Items chooses (3) $16-Items for his/her FREE Items . . . the retail value of their Reward, Incentive or Prize will be a whopping $48.00)!

Also . . . there is a FREE $25.00 to $100.00 Cash Prize Drawing! –The member or student selling 10 or more Items will have 1 Chance for Every 10 Items Sold! -- (The Cash Prize is to be awarded to the individual winning the drawing . . . and not to the group or organization). This is their reward for excelling! – The Amount of the Cash Prize given to the Individual is based on the

Group’s Total Sales. -- Breakdown of possible amounts given by All Star 1 Fund Raising to the winner of the drawing . . .

(200-499 Items Sold / $25.00 Cash Prize)
(500-999 Items Sold / $50.00 Cash Prize)
(1,000-1,499 Items Sold / $75.00 Cash Prize)
(1,500 Items and Up Sold / $100.00 Cash Prize)

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Finally, end your presentation with a 'Commitment Time'!!! -- This is the most important part of the ‘Prime-Time Presentation’!!! -- Be bold, confident & decisive . . . get everyone on their feet who will try to sell 30 Items -- then 20 Items -- then 10 Items. -- The person who sincerely tries to sell 30 Items has the potential of selling at least 20 Items. -- The above approach and challenge is really exciting and has the incredible potential of doubling your profit . . . and rewarding you with generous funds that meet your need and goal!

Making the 'Prime-Time Presentation’ a 'Big Deal' will produce 'Huge Results'!!! . . . Go for it!!! . . . You can do it!!! . . . Just sincerely and enthusiastically try it!!! . . . REMEMBER: 'Be inspired by those who DO . . . DO NOT be frustrated, discouraged or demoralized by those who DON'T'!!! . . . The end result: You will be a WINNER!!! . . . You then, shall WIN with 'The Winner in Fundraising': All Star 1 Fund Raising!!!

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Since 1985, I have personally used, in many states . . . the
'Prime-Time Presentation’ to inspire & motivate many groups, both large & small, to meet their goals!!! . . . I have found it to be the most exciting and productive aspect of fundraising success!

Wishing you the most successful fundraiser ever . . . we are


Dale Smith and Billie Smith, Owners
All Star 1.com, Inc. (dba) All Star 1 Fund Raising
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

billiesmith@allstar1.com www.allstar1.com
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