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(For A Smooth and Successful Fundraiser . . . All Star 1 Fund Raising backed by over 31 years of experience . . . and having done fundraisers in 48 states . . . Requests the following) . . .

1. Choose a fundraiser from 1 of the 25 fundraisers on All Star One’s Web Site www.allstarone.com or from the hardcopy information packet that you receive by US Mail.

2. Call All Star 1 to start or begin your fundraiser. All Star 1's policy is to finalize the Start-Up Process by phone before we mail out the coordinator’s kit that is used to begin or start the fundraiser.


3. Customer is to  agree  on a  starting date  and  ending date  for the fundraiser.

4. After the start-up process has been finalized and the brochures and order forms have been received . . . the fundraising coordinator needs to distribute the fundraising brochures and order forms to each of the members or students that are selling.

5. This is best done with the coordinator kicking off the fundraiser with the ‘Prime-Time Presentation’. -- At the presentation . . . the members of the group will be given the brochures and order forms . . . the starting and ending dates of the fundraiser . . . . and also challenged and inspired to do their very best to make the fundraiser a great success! -- For a group to realize their max potential and have their greatest possible success . . . the 'Prime-time Presentation' is essential!!! -- Please visit the page on this site below . . .

Tips for Success! - How to have a Successful Fundraiser!

In order for a group to have a successful fundraiser - these guidelines are essential!

6. The selling period should not be more than 2 weeks. -- Those who sell, usually sell their most the very first week of the fundraiser. It should be stressed at the presentation that the members should begin their sales very soon.

7. After the 'Prime-time Presentation' when the fundraiser is kicked-off, have each member in the next 24 hours, before they begin selling, to make a list of the prospective buyers they will approach for sales. -- Should be  easy to  think of  at  least  30-50  prospective buyers. - Names and contacts will come to mind even during the presentation. -- Have the members go ahead and write these down. -- As they are leaving the presentation or on their way home, they can begin to sell immediately!

8. Each member, as they are selling, should collect up-front for the product at the time of the sale.

9. At the end of the sale on the End Date, all order forms and monies are to be turned in to the coordinator. -- The Group's Total Order, with the money owed All Star 1 Fund Raising, will then be sent to All Star 1.


10. If anyone of your customers pays by check to any member of your group selling -- the check should be made out to the name of your group or organization and NOT TO All Star 1 Fund Raising . . . also, All Star 1 pays all your shipping charges!

11. Depending on the fundraiser you have done, your product will be shipped to you in approximately 2-3 weeks after ASOne receives all the necessary info requested in the Coordinator's Kit.

12. The Coordinator then should copy an extra set of each member's order sheets which has their individual sales on them and call their customers approximately 2-3 days before they deliver the fundraising products to each of them . . . to get a commitment for a delivery time. -- IF THIS IS NOT DONE . . . QUITE A NUMBER of the members of the group will not be able to make contact with their customers and make a successful delivery on the first attempt! - Also the copy of the order sheet is used by the members on the day the delivery made. -- After all, the names of the customers, their addresses and phone #s are all on the order sheets.

Thanks for your cooperation! We are excited at the prospect of assisting you in your next fundraiser!

Billie Smith, Co-Owner
All Star 1 Fund Raising
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

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