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Pine River

Easy Fast Excellent Fundraising Ideas for . . .

Soccer PTA PTSA 4-H Holiday Christmas Easter
Spring Fall Autumn Winter Fundraisers with . . .

Cookies (Baked/Fully Prepared) Chocolates (Award-Winning)
Pretzels (Chocolate-Dipped) Pecan Jamborees®
Peanut Butter Supremes® Gift Boxes Beef Sticks
Cheese Spreads Beef Summer Sausages
Rain Forest Cashews Halves Walnut Fudge Clusters
Gummy Bears Jelly Beans Fruit Jelly Slices
Chocolate Candy Bunny for Easter Gummy Bunnies
Robin Eggs Chocolate Bunnies Chicks Ducks

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About Pine River®
Manufacturer of All Star 1 Fund Raising Products!!!

The Above All Star 1 Fundraisers are Quick Fundraisers for
Public Private Charter and Home Schools . . . as well as
Christian Church Catholic and Jewish Schools!!!

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Since 1985 from Oklahoma City, OK done Fundraisers in All 48 States!
Up to 60% Profit! Free Incentives and Prizes!
Free Shipping to All 48 States! No Up-Front Cost!
Free Presorting/Prepackaging per Individual’s Order!
Free Catalogs, Order Takers, Brochures and Order Forms!

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All Star 1 Fund Raising does fundraising with any size group
in any size Town or City . . . LARGE or SMALL!!!

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