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Best Play

Best Successful Fundraising for . . .

Cheer Women’s and Girls’ Softball US Youth Soccer
Pop Warner Football Pop Warner Cheerleaders
Sports Chorus Music Boosters and PTO with . . .

Great Fundraising Name Brands such as . . .

Delisheries® Oreo® Cinnabon® Auntie Anne’s® and
Zap-a-snack® . . . to include Baking Mixes (All Natural, Cookie, Chocolate Brownie, and Funnelcake Fundraisers)
Dry Soup Mixes Pizza French Bread Pizza
Personal, Mini and Individual Pizza and . . .
Pretzel Dogs Churros and Gooey Bites

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About Best Play, Delisheries and Clabber Girl
An All Star 1 Supplier of ‘Name Brand’ Fundraisers!!!

The above All Star 1 Fundraisers are wonderful fundraisers for’ . . .

Public Private Charter and Home Schools . . . as well as
Christian Church Catholic and Jewish or Hebrew Schools!

Best Play Fundraisers
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Since 1985 from Oklahoma City, OK done Fundraisers in All 48 States!
Up to 60% Profit! Free Incentives and Prizes!
Free Shipping to All 48 States! No Up-Front Cost!
Free Presorting/Prepackaging per Individual’s Order!
Free Catalogs, Order Takers, Brochures and Order Forms!

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All Star 1 Fund Raising does fundraising with any size group
in any size Town or City . . . LARGE or SMALL!!!

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