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In 1967, Paul Fischer ventured into a new business and founded Midwest Northern Nut, a family owned Nut Roasting, Caramel Corn Producing and Gourmet Candy & Snack Making Company. -- 50 years and 3 generations later, MWN is still going strong. -- Located in northeast Minneapolis, on the banks of ‘Father of Waters’, the mighty Mississippi River, the area is now an arts and
cultural hotspot.

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Midwest Northern was built and maintained by high quality products and the same exceptional customer service it has always offered . . . serving customers nationwide; but still a local favorite. -- While their product list is endless to include many different varieties of both gourmet and healthy snacks, MWN’s signature product ‘Hokey Pokey’, has been an all-time fundraiser favorite and satisfying ‘caramel corn craving’ for many years.

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‘Hokey Pokey’, Midwest Northern’s #1 fundraising snack, is made the old fashion way, by hand and in small batches in copper kettles . . . and, with pure creamy butter that you can taste in every bite! -- Midwest Northern has, over the years, produced the most decadent, freshest, highest quality and best tasting nuts, caramel corns, trail mixes and candy ‘that money can buy’ in the fundraising industry!

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All Star 1 Fund Raising, founded in Oklahoma City in 1985 by Dale & Billie Smith . . . teamed up with Midwest Northern 16 years ago, and since, has nationwide, assisted many schools, churches, church youth groups and sports organizations with their fundraising needs with MWN’s fine fundraising products.

Hokey Pokey & Healthy Snack Fundraiser (4-Pages) - $7

Also, Billie and I wish to extend a great big thanks to Laure Rockman and Jon Pappone for the incredible business relationship we have had with them and their staff . . . and also, for the most amicable friendship they have extended to us on numbers of occasions over the years! - Is always a delight doing business with them! - We also, have been warmly received by them on several occasions, when visiting the home offices and processing plant of Midwest Northern Nut in Minneapolis!

Dale Smith and Billie Smith, Owners
All Star 1.com, Inc. (dba) All Star 1 Fund Raising
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

billiesmith@allstar1.com www.allstar1.com
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