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#1 in Allstar Cheerleader Fundraising'!

'Win with the Winner in Fundraising'

Midwest Northern

Fundraisers for School PTO PTA Sports Youth
Church Cheerleader Band Boosters with . . .

Healthy Snacks Gourmet Snacks Pretzels (Chocolate & Yogurt)
Cajun Cracker Mix Butter Toffee Peanuts
Peanut Brittle Hokey Pokey (Caramel Corn made with
Real Creamery Butter, Cashews, Almonds & Pecans)
Trail Mixes (Dried Fruit & Nuts) Caramel Corn
(10 Varieties with & without nuts) as well as . . .

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Popcorn Chocolates (with & without nuts) Pecan Pralines
Malted Milk Balls Fudge Candy Nuts . . . and also
Snacks Snack Foods such as Dry Mixes for Dips Soups
Funnelcakes Brownies Cookies and Cheeseballs.

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About Midwest Northern Nut®
Manufacturer of All Star 1 Fund Raising Snacks!!!
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Since 1985 from Oklahoma City, OK done Fundraisers in All 48 States!
Up to 60% Profit! Free Incentives and Prizes!
Free Shipping to All 48 States! No Up-Front Cost!
Free Presorting/Prepackaging per Individual’s Order!
Free Catalogs, Order Takers, Brochures and Order Forms!

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All Star 1 Fund Raising does fundraising with any size group
in any size Town or City . . . LARGE or SMALL!!!

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